Department of Political Science Estd. 1935


Lady Keane College was started in 1935 and was granted affiliation to Calcutta University from 1938-1939. Civics was introduced at the intermediate level, and in 1941 there was only one teacher, by the name of Miss. A Dutt MA (Political Science), who taught Civics and Economics.

On 11th October 1955 affiliation was sought from the Calcutta University for the BA Level with effect from the session 1956-57. Though Civics was started at the intermediate level, Political Science, as a discipline, was introduced at the Under-Graduate Level only in 1960.

At present the Department has its own Departmental Room and, besides the Main Library of the College, the Department has its own Departmental Library which caters to the needs of the students. The Department constantly monitors, reviews and evaluates the academic performance and progress of the students, through class tests, pop quizzes, feedback, etc., followed by corrective measures such as revisions, discussions, tutorials, remedial classes and mentoring. With the aim of enriching the honours students' overall performance, computers have been provided in the class room.


ACTIVITIES 2021-2022

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ACTIVITIES 2022-2023

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