The Department of Computer Science offers a three-year full-time Bachelor Degree Program in Computer Applications (BCA) which aims to facilitate students in developing and improving technical, logical, learning and application skills. The overall experience of which will be of great benefit to the students as they advance their journey of accumulating knowledge and to generate and sustain interest in the subject.

The department uses modern pedagogical tools for teaching which are richly supplemented by workshops, field trips, seminars, inter- college competitions, etc.The department provides the very best in equipment and instruments, including state-of-the art computer hardware and software, well-equipped laboratories, video-conferencing facilities and comprehensive books on the discipline.

Computer Science as a discipline, has so much scope in terms of career options thereby ushering broader avenues for students not only to learn about computer subjects and technology but also to set up their career and their future in this field. We live in an age of inevitable computerized systems and with regular advancements in technology, choosing computer science places students at a much higher and varied level of career options.

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ACTIVITIES 2021-2022

ACTIVITIES 2022-2023

  • Report on Student's Development Programme On "Improving Employability In Campuses" (click here)
  • Report on Induction Programme 2022 (click here)
  • Report on Student's Project (click here)
  • Report on Study Tour To North East Police Academy (NEPA) 2023 (click here)


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