The Education Department was established in the year 1958, with 23 years falling short of time since the inception of the college itself, the reason however could be self-explanatory. Education as an academic subject was an emerging domain by then and thanks to the pioneering work and the vision of the forerunners of the department who at such an early period could introduce the subject in the college, whereas the very concept of education as an academic subject at the point of time was very alienated. Professors Depika Phukan, Nirmala Sharma, Lekha Ghosh, A. Marbaniang (The former Principal of Lady Keane College), Mainuddin ahmed, Ester Philip and P. Rumnong were the forerunners and whose work and service have greatly contributed to the prestige and honour of the department. The Department offers an under graduate study with honours in education.


ACTIVITIES 2021-2022

ACTIVITIES 2022-2023

  • A Skit on The Life of Rabindranath Tagore (click here)
  • Educational Tour to selected primary schools in West Jaintia Hills District (click here)
  • Practicing Micro Teaching Skills in a Simulated Classroom Situation (click here)
  • Report on Activity Based Learning Pre school education (click here)
  • Report on Group Presentation May 2023 (click here)
  • Report on Orientation Programme 2022 (click here)
  • Role Play on Population Explosion (click here)
  • Students' Project on Issues and Problems faced by students of Lady Keane College with reference to online learning during Covid 19 (click here)


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