The Department of English was established with the inception of the College in 1935. Since then, the Department has catered to a variety of students equipping them with the required knowledge and skills that would enable them to achieve their aspirations to the best of their abilities. The Department boasts of a vibrant teaching faculty under the exceptional leadership of Dr. C. Sawian, Head of the Department.

The Department had establish a society in 2015 under its umbrella called the La Societe Litteraire Anglais (LSLA), an English literary society, to engage the students with a myriad range of literary and artistic expressions, nurturing them and enabling a more holistic development within. The Department is dedicated to its objective of providing the highest quality of teaching and learning and with a dedicated staff of some of the best teachers, the best is assured.


ACTIVITIES 2021-2022

ACTIVITIES 2022-2023

  • Orientation Programme 2022 (click here)
  • A Report on a Book Reading Session with Smita (click here)
  • A Report on an Awareness Program on TESOL. (click here)
  • Release of Meraki, Volume IV (click here)
  • Report On Attending A Play In St. Edmunds' , 2023 (click here)
  • Report on One-Day Workshop on Building Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence (IQ) (click here)
  • Take Back The Arts Chapter 7 (click here)


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