Programme Officers:

  • Ms. Darihunlang Mawiong
  • Dr. Apsara Nongsteng
  • Mrs. Aparna Chakraborty
  • Mr. Kyrshanlang Nongbri

College Members:

  • Mrs. H. Mawroh
  • Dr. D. G. Marbaniang
  • Mr. Nangsan K Swer
  • Mr. Donny Wahlang

Total Numbers of Volunteers in the College: More than 500 enrolled students

Adopted village: Laitsohpliah Village, Laitkroh Khatar Shnong C&RD Block, East Khasi Hills District, Meghalaya


The main objectives of the National Service Scheme (NSS) are :
  • To understand the community in which the volunteers are actively working
  • That volunteers understand themselves in relation to their community
  • To identify the needs and problems of the community and getting involved in solving them using their knowledge and skills
  • That volunteers inculcate a sense of social and civic responsibility
  • To develop a team spirit through group-living and sharing of responsibilities
  • To further develop the skills of volunteers through mobilizing community participation
  • To prompt the leadership qualities and democratic attitudes of volunteers
  • To train the volunteers in connection with emergencies and natural disasters response
  • To create a spirit of national integration


Volunteers will be required to take the following pledge on 24th September:

"We the student volunteers and proud members of the National Service Scheme do hereby pledge that we shall uphold the pride and prestige of our National Service Scheme and always strive to maintain Tolerance & Sacrifice, Love & Concern, service & sacrifice and follow high standards of ethics in life and academic performance. We also pledge that we will never resort to any sort of violence instead strive to settle all differences and disputes relating to religion, language, region, political and economic grievances by peaceful and constitutional means. We promised to work with dedication to preserve and strengthen the integrity of our nation and committed to selfless service to the society."


The unit is actively involved in organiing various programmes within the college and outside. Besides carrying out the regular activities in the campus,the NSS Unit, Lady Keane College has adopted Laitsohpliah Village situated 30 kms from Shillong located in Laitkroh Khatar Shnong C&RD Block as its adopted village. For the last few years, the NSS Unit has been working actively within this village. Special camps have been organized in this village every year and many programmes like Awareness programmes on health, sanitation, environment etc, Training programmes, Health camp, survey, asset creation and various social activities have been undertaken during the special camp.

Other regular activities carried out during the past few years include:
  • Health Check up & AIDS prevention
  • Tree plantation & campus cleaning
  • Villages cleanness & survey of underdeveloped people
  • Rural development
  • Campaign against drug abuse.
  • Participation in Pre-Republic day Camp and Adventure Camp
  • Blood donation camps
  • Disaster Management Training Programmes
  • Street Plays
  • Tree Plantation Drives
  • Red Ribbon Club Activities
  • Freedom March
  • March for road Safety
  • Swachh Bharat Summer Internship


  1. Public latrine constructed in the adopted village
  2. Development of existing water source
  3. Installation of smokeless chawlas in village households
  4. Awareness Billboards in the Tourist Attraction Site in the Adopted Village
  5. Construction of a Platform for a water storage tank and cementing of the washing washing area.

Reports 2021-2022

Reports 2022-2023

  • 75th Anniversary of India Independence & Goodwill visit at the former adopted village Pingwait (click here)
  • Awareness Programme on the Menace of Substance Abuse (click here)
  • Campus Cleaning Drive 2022 (click here)
  • Clean India campaign on the highway from Laitsohpliah to tyngam masi viewpoint (click here)
  • International Youth Day celebration 2022 (click here)
  • National Unity Day (click here)
  • NSS Foundation Day 2022 (click here)
  • NSS North East Fest 2022 (click here)
  • Adventure Tour Camp 2023 (click here)
  • Awareness Programme on Ethical Voting (click here)
  • Awareness programme on Menace of substance abuse at Sohryngkham Village (click here)
  • Free Tutorial Class at Sohryngkham (click here)
  • Observation of World Environment Day 2023 (click here)
  • Special Camps 2023 (click here)
  • Voluntary Blood Donation Camp 2023 (click here)
  • Walkathon 2022 (click here)