Governing Body

The Governing Body is duly approved by the Director of Higher & Technical Education, Government of Meghalaya through the Office of the College Development Council of the affiliated University, North-Eastern Hill University. It constitutes: The President; Secretary: Principal; Joint Secretary: Vice Principal; Donor's Representative; Non Official members; Government nominee; University Representatives; Teachers' representatives; Parent/Guardian representatives.

The Governing Body is primarily involved in the policy making process and is totally responsible for the smooth functioning of both the academic and administrative sections of the institution.

Members of the Governing Body of Lady Keane College, Shillong

  1. Shri. W. Khyllep, Retd. IAS, President
  2. Principal, Dr. D. K. B. Mukhim, Secretary
  3. Vice Principal, Mr. R. Decruse, Joint Secretary
  4. DHTE, Govt. of Meghalaya, Govt. Nominee
  5. Shri. Vivan G. Kynta, Senior Advocate, High Court, Govt. of Meghalaya, Member
  6. Dr. (Ms.) B. W. Nongbri, Retd. Deputy Director, Higher & Technical Education, Govt. of Meghalaya, Member
  7. Ms. D. Kharkongor, Member
  8. Ms. J. Begum, Donor's Representative, Member
  9. Mr. Toki Blah, Former IAS, Member
  10. Prof. Nirmalendu Saha, NEHU Representative, Member
  11. Dr. L. Kma, NEHU Representative, Member
  12. Mr. A. R. Myrthong, Teachers' Representative
  13. Mr. J. Thangkhiew, Parents'/Guardians' Representative
  14. Ms. Larilin Riahtam, Parents'/Guardians' Representative

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