The Women's Cell,Lady Keane College, Shillong was formed on 15th October 2011 with the following members:

  1. Ms. Sipra Choudhury --- Convener
  2. Dr. M. Jyrwa --- Member
  3. Dr. R. Syntem --- Member
  4. Dr. S. Dohling --- Member
  5. Mr. A. Snaitang --- Member
  6. Ms. A.Mawlong --- Member
  7. Ms. B. Swakmie --- Member
  8. Ms. D. Kharjana --- Member
  9. Ms. W. Laloo --- Member
  10. Ms. R. Borua --- Member
  11. NGO Representative
  12. Legal Adviser

There were two meetings of the cell in 2011.It was felt that a legal expert and a member of an NGO- dealing with such issues should be inducted in the cell. The members formulated the objectives of the cell. The Procedures of complaints, in case of any sexual harassment in the campus were decided.

Objectives of the cell:
  • To deal with complaints on sexual harassment in campus
  • To sensitize the people around (students, teaching staff, non-teaching staff), about gender issues.
  • To provide a forum for redressal of gender related grievances by referring to appropriate support system
  • To make the students aware of the programmes of the government for the protection and promotion of the rights of women
  • Legal counseling

Procedure for complaint: Written complaint should be addressed to the Principal and forwarded to the cell. It should be supported by direct evidences such as (i) mobile sms, (ii) letters, (iii) Eye witness account etc. On 22nd Nov, 2011 a Workshop-cum-Seminar on "Eliminating Rising Tide of Crime against Women & Children in the North East-Police pro-activism & Legal Remedies" was held at Pine Wood Hotel, Shillong organized by the Rotary Club in collaboration with National Commission on women, New Delhi. The convener along with Ms. E. Khonglah and Dr B.Wolflang attended the Workshop. Ten students selecting 2 from each class also attended the workshop. The awareness gathered by the students in this seminar would go a long way. It was an enriching experience for all.

Lady Keane College has started with Equal Opportunity Centre in 2012. It has three wings:

The UGC has planned to establish Equal Opportunity Centers in the Colleges for the following reasons:
India is a country of diversity. People from different religions, castes and cultures live in this vast land. It is well known that social inequalities still exist, in spite of having constitutional safe guards. It created barriers of denial to the disadvantaged groups of the society. These disadvantaged groups are S.Cs, S.Ts, OBCs, Minorities, Women and Physically Challenged persons.
Women are victims of past traditions and customs. They are considered unequal and inferior to men and oppressed physically, mentally and economically. Since Gender disparity leads to serious social imbalances, it is therefore essential to neutralize these distortions of the past.
The Physically Challenged persons deserve due place and attention in the society. To ensure the same the Parliament has passed the Act called the Person with Disabilities (Equal opportunity, Protection of Right and Full Participation) Act 1995.
India is rich in human resources. To harvest the same and make the present Education system inclusive, colleges should become more responsive to the needs and constrains of the disadvantaged social groups. Higher Education is considered to be a tool for social and economic equality.

  1. Women's cell
  2. Prevention of Sexual Harassment cell
  3. Cell for Differently Abled.
Aims and objectives:
  • Ensure equity and equal opportunity to bring about social inclusion
  • Enhance diversity among staff and students
  • To create Socially congenial atmosphere
  • Sensitize regarding problems & aspirations of the marginalized communities
  • Disseminate the information related to schemes and programmes for the welfare of the Socially weaker section
  • To help individuals or group of students to contain the problems related to discrimination
Members of the Equal Opportunity Centre:

Sipra Choudhury, Convener -Equal Opportunity Center.

  1. Women's Cell

    Members: Ms. Sipra Choudhury, Dr. M. Jyrwa, Dr. R. Syntem, Dr. S. Dohling, Mr. A. Snaitang, Ms. A.Mawlong, Ms. B. Swakmie, Ms. D.

    Kharjana, Ms. W. Laloo, Ms. R. Borua. Two members outside from College are : Smti. Derilyne Syiem, Adviser to NEN,Shillong and

    Dr.U.S.Bhatterjee, Advocate ,Shillong Bar Association

    1. Cultivate leadership skills
    2. Encourage responsible decision making
    3. Inculcate and strengthen moral values
    4. Motivate excellence in all areas
    5. Raise awareness on women related issues and other general issues affecting society
  2. Prevention of Sexual Harassment Cell:

    As per guidelines of the Supreme Court the Prevention of Sexual Harassment cell has been formed in the College.
    Members: Smti. Derilyne Syiem,Dr.U.S.Bhatterjee, Ms. B.Sangma , Ms.J.Dkhar , Mr.M.H.Blah, Mr.L.Lyngdoh .
    It is mandatory that all offices, hospitals, institutions and other workplaces should have an internal redress mechanism for complaints related to sexual harassment. Sexual harassment bill has been passed in Lok Sabha on 3rd September 2012 with 38 amendments.The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Bill, 2012, is the first comprehensive legislation on the subject which covers every workplace in the organized and unorganized sectors. The bill has defined sexual harassment as acts or behavior that, whether directly or by implication, includes any unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.

    Objectives and Procedure for complaint was decided in 2011 as the cell was than merged with Women's Cell.

  3. Cell for Differently Abled:-

    Members:Mr. R.Decruse , Ms. C. Sawian , Ms. A. S. Sangpliang, Ms. D. Kharjana, Ms. W. Laloo, Ms. R. Borua.

    1. To sensitize the students about the Act 1995 for Persons with Disabilities (Equal opportunity, Protection of Right and Full Participation) framed by Govt. of India.
    2. To ensure differently abled students to lead a dignified life at par with others. Encourage them by acknowledging their skills and abililtes.
    3. To help them integrate with the society with full participation.
    4. To sensitize them about the policy of reservation for differently abled persons.
    5. To redress their grievances.
    6. To take them as members of the Student's council if possible.
  • Women's Cell has organized a Talk on Positive Discrimination and Women on 26th March 2012 at 11 a.m in the College Auditorium. Smti. Roshan Warjri, the Chairperson of the State Women's Commission was the Chief Guest. Smti. Warjri was felicitated for being offered such a prestigious post. The Talk comprised of two lectures. The speakers are:
    1. Dr. Binayak Dutta, Assitant Professor, Department of History, Diphu Campus, Assam University. Topic: Positive Discrimination: Empowering women by legislation in colonial and post colonial India.
    2. Smti.C.N.Marak, Asst. Director of Social Welfare, Govt. of Meghalaya Topic: Positive Discrimination: Schemes and Programmes for women in Meghalaya.
  • Women's Cell members and Students attended a Panel Discussion on: Regressive Attitude towards Women in India on 8th August 2012 at Sankardev College in view of its year-long Golden Jubilee Celebration.
  • Smti. S.Choudhury attended the Sensitization Programme on Combating Gender Based Violence from 26-28 September 2012 organized by National Institute of Public Cooperation & Child Development, Regional Centre, Guwahati.
  • The Equal Opportunity Centre organized an Awareness Programme on 15/10/12. The Programme:
    • Welcome Address --- Dr.(Mrs.) C.Massar, Principal
    • Introduction of the Equal Opportunity Centre --- Smti.Sipra Choudhury
    • Introduction of the Women's Cell --- Smti. Beena sawkmie
    • Introduction of the Prevention of Sexual harassment Cell --- Smti.Jean Dkhar
    • Introduction of the Differently Abled Cell --- Shri R.Decruse
    • Lecture by Smti. D. Syiem: Topics-"Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005"
    • Lecture by Dr. U.S.Bhattacharjee :Topics-"Summary of some Judgements which tried to change the Status of Women"
    • Vote of thanks --- Smti M.Jyrwa
  • The Women's Cell, Lady Keane College, organized a programme to celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March 2013. The slogan writing and Poster making competition was held for the students of class XII (Arts, Sc, Day and Morning). The Movie ("Erin Brokovich") was shown to the students in the Seminar Hall. It was a great experience for the students. The response from the students was good, around 50 students participated in the competition and more than 300 students attended the function. Students also took responsibility to help the members of the women's cell in organizing the function.
    Prize Distribution--- Principal Dr. C. Massar, Vice Principal Shri P.S.Dkhar, Vice Principal (HR.Sec)Smti S. Chakravarty and the Convener of Women's Cell Smti S. Choudhury distributed the prizes. Ms. Beena Sawkmie, a member of the Women's Cell co-ordinated this programme.
  • A National Workshop on "Defining the Role of Women Scientists and Teachers in Promotion and Application of Science and Technology-Northeast India Perspective" was organized by National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI), Northeast Region Local Chapter, Shillong in collaboration with Lady Keane College (Women Cell), Shillong on 8th-9th May 2013. The venue was Lady Keane College Auditorium.

The Constitution of India empowers the State to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women. Our laws, development policies, plans and programmes have aimed at women’s advancement in different spheres. In recent years, the empowerment of women has been recognized as the central issue in determining the status of women.
A radical growth in Science and Technology is essential to transform India into a developed nation to help bring economic prosperity and well-being of the people. Women are a vital human resource in economic development and engaging them in activities related to science and Technology will open vistas to utilize a major chunk of human resources of untapped potential to the rapidly growing field of research in science.


Science education is expected to empower the students with a scientific outlook and develop scientific temperament, which would bring about a positive shift in the mindset of the society. Educating and empowering women would ultimately lead to empowering the nation as a whole. This workshop is aimed at showcasing several eminent women, drawn from various places in India and northeast in particular, engaged in various fields of Science and Technology. The National Academy of Sciences, India (NASI) is the oldest science academy of India and was founded in 1930 with the objectives to provide a national forum for scientists to discuss their research and exchange their ideas. Realizing the importance of educating women and empowering them with a scientific outlook, this workshop has been organized for science students (girls) and female teachers in Shillong.

Dr. Ampareen Lyngdoh , Hon’ble Minister, Urban Affairs, Municipal Administration and Labour etc, Govt. of Meghalaya graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and delivered the Inaugural Address. The other distinguished personalities were:

  • Prof. V.P.Sharma----NASI Distinguished Professor & ICMR Chair in Public Health Research.
  • Prof. Manju Sharma--- Distinguished Women Scientist & NASI Chair.
  • Prof.P.Tandon,---- Formar VC, NEHU, Shillong.
  • Dr. A.G.Ahangar, Director, NEIGRIHMS.
  • Dr. Purnima Sarma,Managing Director, Biotechnology Consortium of India Ltd., New Delhi

There were three technical sessions:
Session I.

Health & Nutrition Topics:

  1. Excitement in stem Cell Research and Therapy
  2. Women in Science & Technology:Perspectives in North-East India
  3. Nutrition in Today’s World: Importance and opportunities.
Session II.
Entrepreneurship & opportunities Topics:
  1. Bio-Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Women in North-Eastern Region
  2. Women Entrepreneurship in Horticulture and Spices sector : Leading Northeast to Prosperity.
  3. The Scientist- Yesterday and Today.
  4. The status of Education of Tribal Women in North-East
Session III.
Bioresources & Technological interventions Topics:
  1. Women in agriculture in Northeast India.
  2. Orchid Resources of Northeast India: Empowering women folk.
  3. Health and Nutrition in Women
Session IV
Panel Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendations

The workshop was attended by undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and research scholars.Faculty members of colleges and H.S. Schools also attended the Workshop.They are around 200 in number.
The Workshop was successful in generating enthusiasm among the participants and the organizers were hopeful that it would achieve its objectives.

  • "Cell for Differently Abled" belonging to Equal opportunity centre organized a Free medical (ear,nose & throat) camp on 19th september 2013 for the students and staff of the College.

    On requesting Dr. L.L.Sawian, the Joint Director of Health services, Civil Hospital, Shillong for deputing Medical officers for the Camp, She responded immediately. Two medical officers Dr. E.Momin and Dr. S.Marak attended the Medical Camp. The doctors attended the Camp with enthusiasm and sincerity which are exemplary.

    The venue was the Medical Care Unit of the College.


    From students, staff and teachers around 90 had availed E.N.T. check-up. Medicines were also distributed freely to the patients.
    Remark: It was found that three students of the College are having serious E.N.T. problem and they were referred for further investigation to the Civil Hospital, Shillong. The students are:

    • Ms.Aquilyne Lamare - Class XII, Arts
    • Ms. Antisha Mawlong - B.A 1st Year
    • Ms.Balapynsuk Thongni - B.A 1st Year

Conclusion: It was a great experience for the members to organize this Camp. This time some students have joined "EQUAL OPPORTUNITY CENTRE" as members. They are:
  • Marchita S.R. Marak------ Secretary E.O.C ( Student’s Wing)
  • Ibahunshisha Lyngdoh----Asst. Secretary E.O.C ( Student’s Wing)
  • Rakhi Nath
  • Millo Yapa
  • Juli Bui
  • Mary Riram
  • Smriti Thapa
  • Bimla Thapa
  • Madhavi Mahanta
  • Sonali Irom
  • Niuthira N. Arengh
  • Ribadalin Dkhar

The participation of the student members for the smooth conduct of the medical camp were praise worthy.


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