Lady Keane Girls Hostel is situated in the college campus .The foundation stone of the Lady Keane Girls School and College Hostel (Chand Sahariani House) was laid on the 27th February 1937. Subject to the general control and guidance of the Governing Body, the hostel shall be under the administration of the Hostel Committee.

Members of the committee are as follows:

  1. Principal of the College - Chairman
  2. Vice Principal of the College - Member
  3. Vice Principal Higher Secondary (College) - Member
  4. Principal of the Lady Keane Higher secondary school - Member
  5. Warden - Member
  6. Hostel Superintendent - Member
  7. Two representatives of the governing body - Member
  8. Medical officer - Member
  9. Five representatives of the boarders - Member

Employees of the Hostel

  1. Warden - Private
  2. Hostel Superintendent - Private
  3. Matrons -Two members
  4. Accountant - One person
  5. Physician - one (Twice a week)
  6. Security - one night duty, one day security and one part time
  7. Sweepers - three persons
  8. Cleaners - Three persons
  9. Bearer (peon) - One member
  10. Cooks - Three Members
  11. Gardener - one
  12. Helper - one

The hostel staff is purely residential, fooding and lodging is provided free of cost.

Admission in the hostel:

Minimum requirement is an aggregate of 60% marks in the last examination passed. This is relaxable for tribals of Meghalaya up to 50% marks.

Hostel's rules and regulations for the boarders are given in the information booklet given along with the admission form at the time of admission to each boarder.