1. Dr A M Shangpliang (Coordinator)
  2. DR R Syntem
  3. Dr P Law
  4. Dr Shairi Nongbri
  5. Prof Arbor Snaitang
  6. Prof A M Mawlong
  7. Prof Ruma Baruah
  8. Prof Wanakaru Laloo
  9. Prof Dariti Kharjana
  10. Smti Iohun Dkhar (Counsellor)

Activities conducted by Women Cell, 2020

  1. 7th March 2020: Report of Panel Discussion organized by Sankardev College on the occasion of International Women's Day 2020 on the Topic: "I am Generation Equality: Knowing Women's rights". The Women Cell of Lady Keane College took part in the Panel discussion organized by Sankardev College by sending students representatives who actively participated. The panel discussion included topics on sex education, human trafficking, legal issues, moral values etc. Our students were responsive and interactive. Nishita Sharma questioned about the laws for marital rape and the delay in providing justice for women's rights which was well appreciated.
  2. On the 9th of March 2020 the Women Cell of Lady Keane College, Shillong celebrated International Women's Day 2020 with a difference. Keeping in mind the thrust of this year's theme, " Generation Equality- Realising Women's Rights", the Women Cell aimed at bringing together people of every gender, age, ethnicity, race, religion and country by creating (1) awareness and (2) sensitising with respect and care. This was done through two means: - a. Awareness of women's basic rights such as love, care, respect, food, clothing, shelter. Hence the Cell decided to have a special outreach programme for the homeless and destitutes of Mother Theresa Charity Home, Shanti Bhavan, Shillong. b. Secondly, sensitise our young students to conditions and situations such as the destitutes and homeless sisters who have lost their loved ones or who have broken marriage, domestic violence, victims of molestation,terminal diseases, ex-communicated from their families and community.
  3. The Women Cell of LKC is also running a project on "Luminaries of Lady Keane College" , a coffee table book as a compilation of the contribution given by some noted past students of the college who have made a mark in the society. The project has been handed to a research assistant for the entire field work, compilation, documentation ,printing and publishing of the coffee table book. The entire project financial expenditure has been funded by the College for three-four months from February 2020 but due the Lockdown following Covid-19, there has been some holdup. The project has completed 50% of the work and will continue immediately on relaxation of the lockdown.

Reports 2021-2022

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Reports 2022-2023

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