The College has segregated the Higher Secondary Section and built it into a complete self sufficient unit with the existing teachers being supplemented by a new set of teachers assigned to take on the responsibility of teaching at this level. The college implemented this project in view of the fact that Plus Two Level teaching being the preparatory level for students planning to branch out into different streams of education-technical or professional - demands a special kind of attention since the course content at this level of education is vast and needs to be administered in a fairly limited time span.


Mr. M. S. Kharsyntiew, Vice Principal, is in-charge of the Higher Secondary Section of the College. The list of faculties in the Arts and Science under this Section are as under:

Arts Section
Philosophy Department
  • Smti. Evalarie Wells Lyngkhoi, MA, Assistant Lecturer
  • Shri Sngaphunlang Kharlyngdog, MA, Assistant Lecturer
Political Science Department
  • Smti. Lungnalin Adela Syiem, MA, Assistant Lecturer
  • Shri Mac Garry P K Syiemiong, MA, Assistant Lecturer
Khasi Department
  • Smti. Shemladbahun Hoojon, MA, Assistant Lecturer
Education Department
  • Smti. Ribanisha Shangpliang, MA, Assistant Lecturer
English Department
  • Smti. Balabetlin Nongkhlaw, MA, Assistant Lecturer
  • Smti. Adelia L Nongbri, MA, Assistant Lecturer
Economics Department
  • Smti. Memories Biam, MA, Assistant Lecturer
History Department
  • Shri Fassen Majaw, MA, Assistant Lecturer
  • Shri Jellingstar Lymba, PhD, Assistant Lecturer
Psychology Department
  • Smti. Ginia C. Langstieh, MA, Assistant Lecturer
  • Shri. Rajeev Laloo, MSc, Assistant Lecturer
Hindi Department
  • Smti. Jean S Dkhar, MA, Assistant Lecturer
Assamese Department
  • Smti. Ruma Moni Boruah, MA, Assistant Lecturer
Garo Department
  • Shri. Saint Quill N Sangma, MA, Assistant Lecturer
Sociology Department
  • Smti. Sincerely Synrem, MA, Assistant Lecturer
  • Smti. Corrine War, MA, Assistant Lecturer
Science Section
Zoology Department
  • Smti. Wansuk Lapasam, MSc, Assistant Lecturer
  • Shri. Banteilang Syiemlieh, Lab. Attendant
Mathematics Department
  • Smti. Damaphi Jyrwa, MSc, Assistant Lecturer
Chemistry Department
  • Smti. Twincy Khongstia, MSc, Assistant Lecturer
  • Shri. Laspingroy Lyngkhoi, Lab. Attendant
Physics Department
  • Shri. Marshall Lyngdoh, MSc, Assistant Lecturer
  • Shri. Rana Ksiar, MSc, Assistant Lecturer
  • Shri. Heithmu Chen, Lab. Attendant
Computer Science Department
  • Shri. James Marbaniang, PGDCA, Assistant Lecturer
Botany Department
  • Dr. Sierra Rebecca Hynniewta, MSc, Ph. D, Assistant Lecturer
  • Smti. Greycia Wanniang, Lab. Assistant

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