Student Council activity and role in academic and administrative bodies :

A Student Council is a representative body through which students can become involved in the affairs of the institution by working together with the Management and teaching staff for the benefit of the college and its students. It is a platform for developing and displaying organisational and leadership skills. It provides an opportunity for students to engage in decision making and in expressing their opinions and views to the Management and to t

he teachers. Lady Keane College has a Student Council and its members are elected annually through general election where the third and fifth semester students (Arts and Science) are eligible to contest.

The Students' council consists of the following posts:

  1. The General Secretary.
  2. Two Assistant General Secretaries.
  3. Social and Canteen Secretary.
  4. Assistant Social and Canteen Secretary.
  5. Discipline and Cleanliness Secretary.
  6. Two Assistant Discipline and Cleanliness Secretary.
  7. Art and Culture Secretary.
  8. Assistant Art and Culture Secretary.
  9. Sports Secretary.
  10. Two Assistant Sports Secretaries.
  11. Quiz and Debate Secretary.
  12. Assistant Quiz and Debate Secretary.
  13. UGC Network Resource Secretary
  14. Assistant UGC Network Resource Secretary.
  15. Students' Cell Secretary.
  16. Assistant Students' Cell Secretary.

Role and Responsibilities of the Student Council :

  1. The General Secretary and two Assistant General Secretaries of the student council are the students' representative to the IQAC.
  2. The office bearers of the Student Council take up various responsibilities in the College and they assist the Management and staff for the smooth functioning of the College. All Secretaries/ Asst. Secretaries work with the associated committees, for example, Discipline Secretary works together with the Discipline Committee and the management for maintaining discipline and cleanliness in the college while the Canteen Secretary keeps a check on the price list, the quality of food and cleanliness of the Canteen in consultation with the canteen committee.
  3. They assist during different functions and activities organised by the college.
  4. The college week is a time where the Student Council plays a major role. During this festivity, the members planned and organised all the activities, thereby showcasing their capabilities, talents and team work.
  5. The Student Council represent and communicate the views and concerns of students forward to the Management and Teachers. The management in turn pass important and necessary information to the students through the Council.
  6. Its members take part in various awareness programmes relating to poverty, environment, health, peer pressure etc. They also take part in various social activities like charity work, community responsibilities, fund raising programmes and medical camp organised by the IQAC.

A Student Council provides good learning experience to its members. It help its members to think critically and instils in them important social and moral values such as team work, cooperation, sharing, mutual love and understanding. Their involvement in planning and organising various activities and programmes gives them a sense of ownership which makes college life more pleasant and fun.

Students Council Composition 2021

Sl. No. Posts Elected Class Contact No.
1 General Secretary Kerdarilin Khongwir B. A. V Semester 7638944613
2 Asst. General Secretary Belinda Laishram B. A. III Semester 9774446140
3 Social & Canteen Secretary Elvinia L. Nongbet B. A. V Semester 6033144532
4 Asst. Social & Canteen Secretary Simran Barbhuiya B. A. III Semester 8472836839
5 Discipline & Cleanliness Secretary Phibankyntiew Pyngrope B. A. V Semester 8258068774
6 Asst. Discipline & Cleanliness Secretary
  1. Erika Syiem
  2. Tejaswini Vashistha
  3. Piya Rani Talukdar

B. A. III Semester

B. A. III Semester

B. A. V Semester




7 Arts & Culture Secretary Indira Kamsar B. A. V Semester 7642005405
8 Asst. Arts & Culture Secretary Naki Larisa Nongkhlaw B. A. III Semester 7641862836
9 Sports Secretary Lasubon Maiong B. A. V Semester 8131077750
10 Asst. Sports Secretary Badapkyrhai Nongkseh B. A. III Semester 9436499870
11 Quiz & Debate Secretary Manjari Upadhyay B. A. V Semester 6294745859
12 Students Cell Secretary Poonam Konwar B. A. V Semester 8259035302
13 College Hospitality Secretary Sukanya Borgohain B. A. V Semester 6002940026
14 Asst. College Hospitality Secretary Batlariti Kurbah B. A. III Semester 7628954351

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