Only students with 80% attendance will be allowed to appear in the Final Examination.

Any student who is irregular in attendance without permission or fails to join classes on the first day of classes after a vacation or holiday of a one-week duration, the following disciplinary action will be taken:

  1. For the first time defaulter, the name, class and roll number will appear on the notice board as a warning.
  2. Continued absence after the warning has been issued, a fine of Rs. 1000 will be imposed along with a compulsory submission of a leave-ofabsence application letter.
  3. The Student will have to secure a minimum of 60% in all internal tests and assignments
  4. The attendance of the defaulting student will be closely monitored and any absence from any class must be informed to the Principal/Vice-Principal and the Heads of Department.
  5. The Parents / Guardians of the defaulting student will be informed of the action taken.
  6. Failure to abide by the above will result in expulsion from the College.


  • A Student must be polite, courteous and respectful towards the staff.
  • She must be modest and decent in attire.
  • She must not distract others in the classroom in any way.
  • She is expected to be co-operative with all members of the staff.
  • She is to take responsibility for the actions and accept the consequences that may arise thereof.


  • A Student must always carry her College Identity Card and Handbook.
  • She must attend all her classes regularly and sit for all tests/examinations conducted during the academic session.
  • She must maintain 80% attendance or be debarred from appearing for Selection/Internal/Final Examinations. A student who has been absent from her classes for more than three consecutive days without intimation from her Parents/guardian will not be allowed to continue attending the classes, without permission from the College Authority.
  • She is expected to participate in various academic, cultural, curricular, co-curricular and extension activities organised by the College.
  • Practice of any unfair means during Examinations will lead to immediate expulsion from the College. Re-admission will not be entertained.
  • A Student must not litter the campus/classroom or damage any College property.
  • Use of intoxicants including drugs, chewing of betel nut and tobacco is prohibited within the College campus.
  • Use of mobile phones in the College building especially classrooms and examination halls is not allowed.


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