The Torch Bearers reflects all the founders and builders who were the architects in bringing the School and the College to their present stature. They have always been a source of strength and encouragement, for whose relentless support, our endeavour in empowering women through education would have been a dream far too difficult to aspire for.

Shri. Acharya Brojo Sundar Roy
Founder Principal of the college (1935-1940)
Retired as Professor from City College Calcutta.

He was a veteran educationist, a devoted teacher and a renowned writer. When he joined, the college was offering only three subjects- English, History and Philosophy in the Intermediate level. He initiated the Under Graduate teaching and included subjects like Bengali, Sanskrit, Assamese and Economics.

Smt. Swarna Kumari Roy Choudhury
Principal (1940-1944)
Smt. S. K. Roy Chowdhury took over the reigns of the college from Acharya Brojo Sundar Roy in 1940. During her tenure Mathematics and Khasi were added in the course of studies. In 1944, Smti Roy Chowdhury tendered her resignation and left the college.


Smti. Usha Bhattacharyya
Principal (1944-1977)

Smti. Usha Bhattacharyya joined the college as a Lecturer in Deptt. of Philosophy in 1937 and took over as the Principal in the year 1944. Smti Bhattacharyya, went all out to ensure a speedy growth and development of the college. It was her unrelenting efforts and persuasions that ensured the college of a regular inflow of Government grants. It was due to her untiring efforts that the college, besides introducing new subjects of study in the already existing stream, could introduce science as a regular stream of study at its premises. In order to help working women pursue their higher studies, she opened a night section at the college. An excellent scholar, a fine orator and as on date the longest serving Principal of the college, Smti. Bhattacharyya was an earnest ambassador of Indian Culture, she strived hard to instill in students a spirit of nationality. It was she who gave the college its anthem. It indeed goes to her credit that, in a span of 33 years, Smti. Bhattacharyya could transform a fledgling institute into a premier center of learning in the country.

Ms. A. M. Marbaniang
Principal (1978-2004)

Ms. A.M. Marbaniang, who joined the collegeas a Lecturer in Deptt. Of Education in 1966 took over the reins of the college as its Principal in 1978. During her 26 years of service, Madam Marbaniang, through her dedicated service, tried to lift the college to newer heights of excellence. Her inclination for welfare measures saw the establishment of the Lady Keane College Employees' Welfare Fund. It was during her tenure that the GLIC (Group linked Insurance Scheme) was first introduced at the college. She lent her whole hearted support for the formation of the LKC Employees' Mutual Benefit Cooperative Society, that celebrated its silver jubilee in 2002. The society continues till date to be a story of exemplary success, coming to the help of everyone, who sought its support.

Dr. Mrs. C. Massar
Principal (2006- till date)

Dr. Massar joined the College as a Lecturer in the Department of Botany on the 25th October, 1983 and her regularisation of appointment took effect from the 16thFebruary 1987. After her 23 years of teaching, Dr. Massar took over as the Principal of the College on 29th June, 2006. Under her abled leadership and vision to promote quality education and academic excellence, a professional Course in Computer Science for Undergraduate students was introduced in 2009 with a view to make the students learn more in the latest technology and for the staff for the up-to-date courses available at present. Since her joining as Head of the Institution various enrichment programmes like career oriented courses, skilled oriented courses, faculty development programmes and others has been introduced with latest infrastructure and facilities for the students and staff. As an active and dynamic individual, Dr. Massar is a member of various educational bodies like North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Meghalaya Board of Secondary Education (MBOSE), Education Department, Government of Meghalaya and others.

She had completed a minor research project on science subjects sanctioned by University Grants Commission on 28th March,1989. Dr. Massar had published her research work on “Seed germination and seedling growth of Zea mays L. treated with mycotoxins produced by Aspergillus spp.,Fusarium spp., Penicillium spp. and Trichoderma spp. "Massar C. and Sharma, G.D. 1988. She had presented her paper at the "International conference of Plant sciences and its relevance to future" at New Delhi, March 7-11,1988 "Massar C. and Sharma, G.D. 1988.” Study on seed borne fungi of Zea mays L.” was published in proceedings at the National workshop on management and conservation of biotic resources. March 28-30, 1988, at D.A.V. College, Muzaffarnagar, U.P. As a continuous learner and administrator she has been awarded a "Certificate of Recognition of Leadership Role” by the Society of Education and Economic Development (SEED), New Delhi and an "International Diploma in Education Leadership – Higher Education" on the 22nd December, 2013 for her successful completion of the requirement of the "International Diploma Programme in Education Leadership – Higher Education" organized from 15th July 2012 to 30thJuly 2013.

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